Massage Therapy Schools

What Does the Real Massage Therapy Salary look like?

Many individuals that desire a career working as a massage therapist are interested in learning the truth about the massage therapy salary, in addition to what it can take to be successful in this field. Here we take a look at what all the professionals know, and we’ll educate you on how much you how much you can charge per massage, how to build your client list and the expenses you’ll run into each month when it comes to purchasing supplies.

What they didn’t tell you in School

One of the biggest issues in this career field is what a massage therapist can, and will charge for a massage session. Some massage therapy schools will tend to exaggerate the income potential for this profession and will not mention the time and effort it takes on the part of the therapist to build up their reputation in this position, in order to make more money. Most new therapists are under the impression that not only will they have an immediate client base, but that they will make around fifty to sixty a massage and their employer will pay their therapists half of the treatment price.

The truth about the massage therapy salary, when working for an employer, is that the company will typically offer a flat rate for each session. This generally involves twenty to thirty percent of the cost of an hour massage and can range from fourteen to thirty dollars per massage for the therapist. The company will usually provide the clients, oils, sheets and other supplies needed, but will only pay the therapist for the number of clients they see in a day. The therapist’s pay rate will often stay the same, even if the type of massage the client chooses is charged at a higher rate by the employer. As an example, if a client wants a one hour chair massage, the employer will charge sixty dollars and the therapist will get around fifteen to twenty dollars. If a client wants a more expensive massage, such as a one hour Swedish massage, the company will charge the client ninety dollars and will still only pay the therapist fifteen to twenty dollars.

How to Work on an Independent Basis

If a therapist works out of their own office, they can choose to charge their own hourly rate, which will usually be based off of what other therapists in the community charge. But the independent therapist will need to take into consideration the cost of massage supplies, laundry, staff, rent and advertising.

For therapists, self-promotion is a big deal and will require the therapist to devote a good amount of their time to getting their name out there, in order to get more clients. Most therapists that choose to strike out on their own and will begin their career by working for an established company, while they improve their skills and build up their client base.

If you’re someone that desires to work for yourself, even straight after graduation, be sure to take business and record keeping courses, as you’ll be responsible for not only scheduling your appointments, but also for keeping track of the money you need to spend each month for business expenses, and you’ll also need to keep a record of every client you see, for tax purposes.

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